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Welcome at the Student Gymnastics Union Groningen! Are you a student and are you in for some action? Contact the board for more information about joining us in a gymnastics practice! Whether you are an experienced gymnast or have never done a cartwheel in your life, everyone is welcome. We offer practices in gymnastics and trampoline jumping (in English as well).

Furthermore, we organize tons of awesome monthly activities and go to four student competitions each year. Are you interested in becoming a member or joining one of our practices? Send an email to bestuur@stuggmail.nl.


Closed practices
We have closed training hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The gymnastics practices on Monday and Thursday and the trampoline jumping on Wednesday are exclusively for members and those interested in becoming a member.
As a non-member, you are welcome to try gymnastics for three closed practices for free, without obligations. After that, you can decide whether you want to become a member.

  • Monday        20:00 – 21:30   Gymnastics beginners (no men), at Turnhal Europapark
  • Monday        21:30 – 23:00   Gymnastics advanced + all men, at Turnhal Europapark
  • Wednesday  19:00 – 20:00   Trampoline jumping at the Willem Alexander Sportcentrum (WAS)
  • Thursday      20:00 – 21:30  Gymnastics advanced + all men, at Turnhal Europapark
  • Thursday      21:30 – 23:00  Gymnastics beginners (no men), at Turnhal Europapark

Open practices
The gymnastics practice on Wednesday is open to anyone who owns an ACLO-card.

Become a member!

Do you want to join STUGG? That’s great! You can find an English version of our registration form here. You can print it, fill it in and bring in to our practise. We also have registration forms available at our practices.

In order to become a member, it’s important to complete each of the following steps:
1. Get an ACLO card
2. Update your ACLO profile
3. Fill in the registration form


The contribution of a continious STUGG-membership is dependant on the amount of hours you want to train weekly:

  • 1,5 hours: €145
  • 3 hours: €195
  • 4,5 hours: €250

At STUGG there also is the possibility to become a member for half a year, after which your membership immediately retires. For this half year memberhsip the following contribution applies:

  • 1,5 hours: €95
  • 3 hours: €130
  • 4,5 hours: €165

Contribution is by default collected 4 times a year after the training period, on the following dates:

  • December 15th
  • Februari 15th
  • May 15th
  • October 15th

Make sure you communicate any changes (or cancellations) in your membership before each semester on October 1st or February 1st. By default your membership remains valid untill you cancel it, or automatically if you are a half-year member. All members of STUGG are required to own an ACLO-sports card. If you have not purchased one, the ACLO will do so for you with a fine. You will be charged with these costs. For more information see http://www.aclosport.nl.

If you have any questions about the contribution, you can contact our treasurer by email at penningmeester@stuggmail.nl.


Studenten Turngroep Groningen
Blauwborgje 16
9747 AC Groningen

Location regular gymnastics hour
Turnhal Europapark
Helperpark 306
9723 ZA Groningen

Practice location jumping practice
Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum
Zernikeplein 17
9747 AS Groningen

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