STUGG is being run by a group of enthusiastic members, who, as a group, make sure everyone can keep doing gymnastics at our association. We are busy with the state of affairs of STUGG and everything that is related to this. For example renting the gymnastics hall and staying in contact with the Dutch Student Gymnastics Federation (Nederlandse Studenten Turn Bond; NSTB). But, most importantly, making sure all the members of STUGG have the best time doing gymnastics as a student! This is an important task, but of course it is also a lot of fun.

The board of 2023-2024 is called ‘Duces’. The board consists of the following members:

Chair: Vivian den Hertog

Secretary: Helen Davina

Treasurer: Jessica Richard

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Nienke Posthumus

STUGG board '23/'24

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