About us

Our association

STUGG was founded in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic students who, besides gymnastics, considered fun to be very important in a gymnastics association. We aren’t a very large association, but thus everyone is very close with each other. It’s basically a big group of friends! In the gymnastics practices people generally work very hard, but at the same time there is laughter everywhere. Besides the practices, there are different sorts of other activities. To name a few examples:

  • The monthly get-together at Kroeg van Klaas
  • A monthly activity (like a barbecue, paintball, survival run or chilling and watching a movie)
  • Camps in the beginning and end of the year
  • General members meetings every six months
  • Student gymnastics competitions
  • External practices
  • The yearly Batavierenrace

The activities are organized by different committees or by the board. Don’t want to miss any of these moments? Or do you want to help organize such activities? Become a member!


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