NSK in Groningen

Saturday May 20th of 2023 the Dutch Student Championship (Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap; NSK) was held. The competition was organized by the Competition Committee of STUGG. In the Willem Alexander Sportcentre many gymnastics routines were performed during the whole day by students of different gymnastics associations from all over the country. After the competition, everyone had the most fun at the amazing party!

NSTC2 in Groningen

Saturday February 19th of 2022 was the second student gymnastics competition (Nederlands Studenten Turn Competitie; NSTC) of the year. This competition was organized by STUGG and took place in Groningen. Every student gymnastics association from the country was represented! During the whole day gymnasts performed their routines in the Willem Alexander Sportcentre, and at the end of the day there was a spectacular party!

The competition was enabled by all volunteers and sponsors:

Albert Heijn

Knol’s Koek

12 Springs Trampolines

Wereldwinkel Loppersum

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