Media Committee

Media Committee

The Media Committee manages the Instagram page and the website, and keeps these up-to-date. The members of the Media Committee assembles photos and videos and makes sure all the (beautiful and less beautiful) memorable moments are captured. As a committee they are responsible for posting the best photos and videos and for making sure that all the members and non-members are kept informed about all the in’s and out’s of STUGG. Several times a year the committee makes a (digital) magazine about the association for the members. 

Stuggazine Coordinator: Elise Mulder

Stuggazine Functionary: Marieke Kropman

Stuggazine Functionary: Zita van Poelwijk

Social Media Coordinator: Rosan Dolsma

Social Media Functionary: Willemijn Vernhout


Media Committee '23/'24

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